Sunday, October 2, 2016

Troop 538 Fall Camporee 2016 Pictures and Video

aka Mudfest 2016 - Despite the rain, Troop 538 scouts took part in the Fall Camporee. They did a really good job, working together as a small team.
Check out the video
Learning the skill of timber toss

It is a big log to toss

Log hauling sation

Sawing slices at the bow saw station

Nick working on getting a very thin slice

Mitchell sawing off a slice

Team work in action

Almost through

Timmy makes quick work of the saw

It takes a team to saw a slice

Lucas gets into the action

Trying to start a match with a hatchet

It really is hard to do

Still trying

Apple press station

Ronie Fry teaching the boys about the press

Making apples into juice

The big squeeze

Timmy cranking up the speed

Two man saw

Teamwork is how to get the job done

Only 100 more strokes to go

Lined up for lunch - pig roast

Eating lunch

Presentation by DCNR

Tomohawk throwing

Log pulling

Pull, Pull, Pull

Nick with is entry into the cooking contest - turkey chili

Lots of competition

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Flight 93 Memorial

Photos from our visit to the Flight 93 Memorial - if you can go and visit this, go.  It is a very emotional experience for folks that remember that day.  Most of the scouts that were with us were not even born when this occurred. 

From the outlook at the visitors center - you are looking down the flight path of where the plane crashed

the inscription on the wall at the overlook

The plaque at the visitor's shelter

The names of all the passengers and crew on the flight

The boulder marks the location of the impact of the plane

A great group of scouts visiting the memorial

Troop 538 goes rafting part 2

More photos from rafting