Monday, November 24, 2014

Klondike Derby/Prep 2015

Here are the list of some of the possible stations for Klondike Derby for 2015:

-First Aid
*Remember what Kathy McKibben said-538 was the best in Orienteering at last year's event!
-Fire Building
*MUST have kindling or you will be disqualified-you may use a hot spark or flint and steel for extra credit-each patrol will get 3 matches (matches will be provided). This is a timed event.*
-Flag Pole Building
-Thin Ice Rescue
-Blind Stretcher Carry
-Obstacle Course
-.22 Rifle Shoot
-Shotgun Shoot
-Tomahawk Throw
-Nature ID
-Hot Isotope
*Mr. Everson is seeing if he can get this equipment so scouts can practice*
-Indoor Archery
-Spider Hole
*Not sure what this is-one site says "The Patrol must enter into a Giant Ice Spider's lair to retrieve their stolen food supplies"*
-Shelter Building
-Snow Snake
*They have not done this event is a long long time.*
-8 Man Ski or Snowshoe race
There are 18 stations listed above...only 14-15 will occur at the event, so we won't know the true list until registration.
Make sure to sign up!
Klondike Derby Prep Sign Up
Klondike Derby 2014 Sign Up

Let the frozen fun begin!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 Pumpkin Pitch

Heard our troop received some praise for their hard work and success at Ard's Pumpkin Pitch this last Saturday! Hearing second place for accuracy out of 10-12 teams (including some BIG boys from Bucknell!) and about fourth for distance! Wow!! Good job, Troop 538!

Check out the pictures here:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trebuchet Pumpkin Chunkin Trials Sunday!!

The Secret Bat Location for Sunday's trebuchet trials will be the field behind Purple Cow..NOT WINFIELD..behind the Purple Cow on Hoffa Mill Road.
Bat Time - 1:00pm
So meet over at Purple Cow at 1:00pm on Sunday November 2nd for practice.
See ya then!!