Saturday, May 31, 2014

Relay for Life - June 13-14

Relay for Life Support

Each Year, Troop 538 helps support the Lewisburg Relay for Life event.  We help participants unload their vehicles and move their items to their campsite location.  All part of scout law, " A Scouts is Helpful".

We provide the Color Guard for the flag raising ceremony Friday night when the crowd watches us hoist the flag at the event.

Check out for the sign up for this event and show the Lewisburg community what Scouting is all about!

4th of July BBQ

Fundraiser for Scouts
The troop holds a fundraiser at the Picnic in the Park, which occurs at the end of the Lewisburg 4th of July Parade.  We sell Pork BBQ sandwiches, chips and water. 
This is a great way to earn money for summer camp or the next big high adventure trip Sea Base in 2016.  Just the cost of Sea Base in 2016 will be around $800.  That excludes our airfare to get down to Key West.  So check out the signup for this event on and sell some great BBQ to the folks of Lewisburg!

Troop Elections

Troop Elections
As posted previously, troop elections are Monday night.  Since there are scouts that just earned the rank of First Class, one of the requirements for Star is to serve in a troop leadership position.  Think about what position you would like to develop your leadership skills in for the next 6 months.      
All of the troop leadership positions have a hand in making the Troop run.  As a troop leader you will:
            Plan and run troop meetings,
                        Pick troop outings, where to camp, what to do,
                                    Plan advancement opportunities for all troop members
                                                Help other Scouts along the trail to Eagle
Below are just a few of the positions available. Check out your handbook for more information

Zipline Adventure

Crossover Campout

If you are going on the TreeTop adventure this coming weekend (June 7th), bring your payment for the event to the troop meeting on June 2nd.  Mr. Everson can't register you for the event unless you pay.  Also, the Treetop permission slips (BSA's and Camelback's) need to be completed.  You will need to bring a sack lunch for Saturday's adventure. 

Summer Camp Update


Here is an update on Summer Camp 2014 from the camp meeting May 28th.

They will be offering Scuba Diving again this year. Cost is $45.00.  You will need to fill out the Diving Medical form.  Med forms and money are due before we leave for camp.  Mr Everson will have the forms at the June 2nd troop meeting.

If you are taking Climbing Merit Badge or doing any of the COPE course work, you need to fill a Hold Harmless form.  Get your form at the June 2nd troop meeting.

Merit Badges will be a little bit different this year.  Just because you show up at the class doesn't mean you get signed off on all the requirements.  If there are prerequisites for a badge, you must get them done before getting to camp.  Also, if the requirement states you have to demonstrate an activity, then you will need to demonstrate that activity at camp.  So look at the packets you were handed at the last troop meeting and BE PREPARED!

There will be multiple activities in the evening hours.  Not just one activity each night.  So you will have to choose what activity you would like to do.  One of them will be a MAGIC TOURNEY!  Mr Everson is pretty sure there will be many scouts from the troop that want to participate in that event.

Wear your FULL Scout Uniform on Sunday (Shirt, Pants, Neckerchief) when we leave to go to camp.  Our troop photo will be taken when we get to camp.  Wear your swimming gear underneath as we will take our Swimmer's test that same afternoon.

Our checkin time at camp is 2:15pm.  So arrive at Faith at 12:30pm on Sunday July 20th with all your gear so we can load up the trailer and head out by 1:30pm

We are staying in BEAR campsite with Troop 54.  This is the same campsite we were in last year.

Dan Dombroskie is this year's Program Director.  He has promised to stir things up a bit at camp this year.

ALL ADULTS that will be staying overnight at camp need a medical form ( Parts A, B and C) completed.  You can get a fillable PDF form off website.

ALL YOUTH need their medical form too.  Part C has to be signed by a doctor. So make an appt if necessary.

Any questions, see Mr. Everson

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Riverwoods Pinewood Derby is THIS SATURDAY
Troop 538 will be setting up at Riverwoods on Friday at 6:00pm.  If you are able to come help out with that -- please email us, or post a comment... if you are coming out to help.

Saturday -- Registration is at 9:00 AM with racing at 10:00 AM.
The Track tested out OK with the new timer on Tuesday.   Again, if you can come help out with this event, please e-mail Steve or post a comment below....

Achievement is in the doing, satisfaction is in the doing,
and real, lasting fulfillment is in the doing.
So go ahead, right now, and get busy doing.

Crossover is THIS SUNDAY @ 6PM

Everyone in the troop -- parents too --  should come out for this event.  It's very important to be there to welcome our new recruits!!  St. Mary's Street Park Pavillion at 6 PM.  Scouts will be needed in their uniforms!!!

The Pack is charged with bringing snacks & desserts, but feel free to contribute something to the event.   Boy Scouts DO like to eat, you know.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Upcoming Troop Meeting Plans

Court of Honor -- The Court of Honor will take up most of this meeting.  Parents are welcome and are eagerly encouraged to come out while we honor the advancement of our Scouts!!

Chess Merit Badge -- We will be bringing everyone up-to-speed who was not at the May 3/4 Campout, and playing a game or two... whatever we have time for.  PLEASE BRING YOUR CHESS SETS.  Thanks!!    Link to the Chess Merit Badge Workbook:(

The second part of the meeting will involve Orienteering -- for those of us who need to complete at least three different Orienteering Courses -- there will be another one set up and ready to go at Faith Lutheran, so please bring clothing appropriate for the weather -- we will be doing it even if it rains!!

At the NEXT MEETING on June 2nd, we will be having Troop Elections for positions to be held by our Scouters for the next 6 months. Take a look at what positions are available at:

Let the current SPL (James Leavy) know what position you might be interested in.  It is important for you to take a position within the Troop, so look at the positions and think of one or two you might want to try doing.

Special Note: 
NO MEETING PLANNED FOR 5/26 -- MEMORIAL DAY.  Enjoy the holiday with your family.

The holiday, which is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.  Take time to remember those who have lost their lives serving in our Military.

6/2/14 -- CLASS B's are Permitted from Memorial Day to Labor Day!
If you need to purchase a Class B T-Shirt, Steve Everson has them in the Troop Room for $7 each.  No Class A's are required, unless otherwise announced.

Chess Merit Badge -- The next meeting for the Chess Merit Badge!  BRING YOUR CHESS SETS!

Troop Elections -- At this meeting, we will do Troop Elections for positions to be held by our Scouters for the next 6 months.  Take a look at what positions are available at:
Let your current SPL know what position you might be interested in.



Crossover Adventure

June 7th

Camp out at church evening of June 6th and Zipine on June 7

Check for the sign up on Signup Genius, and sign yourselves up!






Chess Merit Badge -- This is the last Chess Merit Badge Meeting before the BIG TOURNAMENT.  Please don't miss this meeting as we really want to complete this merit badge!!  Next Meeting will be our BIG TOURNAMENT.
Final (3rd) Orienteering Course --- this should complete this Merit Badge for many of us, so again, come prepared regardless of weather conditions, we will be doing the Orienteering Course.  This will be the most difficult one -- so be prepared!!

RELAY for LIFE is coming up... June 13th! 

Who is working it, & camping out with us?

Chess Tournament -- This is the final Chess Merit Badge Meeting -- the BIG TOURNAMENT.  Bring Refreshments, we will have a lot of games to play!


Think about... the 4th of July Parade & the Pork BBQ Sale in the Grove.  We need YOUR HELP -  so,  Parents, please volunteer.

Tenderfoot Requirements -- We will be working with our newest recruits on getting them up-to-speed on their Tenderfoot Requirements.  Everyone's help is needed to help our newest Scout Troop Members begin their Advancement.

Tonight we will introduce our newest recruits to the 8-Man Ski, and start their preparations for one of our BIGGEST & BEST Scout Events -- The Klondike Derby!  We need at least 8 Men, so try to be here for this one!

Knots and Lashings -- Always a great refresher for EVERYONE, but especially important for our newest Scouts -- let's get them tying!!

Tonight we will introduce our newest recruits to the A-Frame, and continue their preparations for one of our BIGGEST & BEST Scout Events -- The Klondike Derby

That's as far as this PLC got on May 5, 2014. 
The next group of Leadership will have to work on planning it from here....

Service Project Success!!

Great turnout for this weekend's Service project over at Camp K's Dining Hall.   Great job, Scouts!






CROSSOVER!!! Sunday, May 18th @ 6PM

This year's Crossover Ceremony will be held at St. Mary's Street Park at 6PM on Sunday, May 18th. Please attend, in uniform if you can. We do need you in attendance!!!