Monday, March 31, 2014

Parents Please Attend

Announcement Time at Meetings

The announcement was made at the last meeting that all parents should come in, and be present for the announcement portion of the meeting - the last 15 minutes.  Meeting will end at 8:15, and the closing / annoucements will begin.  Parents should make every effort to please come in, and hear the announcements weekly.

Thank you for your Community Service

(Scouting for Food)!!

Dear Scouts,

Thank you so much for all the work you do in our community.  Your energy for  'doing good' is refreshing!  You have filled up our dirt room with much  needed soup, vegetables, fruits, etc and we are appreciative of all that  involves on your side.  It is great to see another group of young men  growing up eager to help others. Thank you!

~ Kathy Storm

Sign Up Genius --

Sign Up Posted for May 3-4 Weekend.


The sign up looks pretty good so far... please sign up, asap.  Thanks!

Welding Merit Badge Opportunity

 April 12th at Penn Tech College.  Anyone interested in the Welding Merit Badge?  AGE REQUIREMENT:  13 years old.  Information will be handed out at the meeting on 3/31/14.