Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome the newest Eagle to Troop 538 - Alden Davidson

Welcome the newest Eagle Scout to Troop 538 - Alden Davidson

Alden is standing next to Dr. English, Chairman for Alden's Eagle Board of Review held tonight at Susquehanna Council Office.

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.

Eagle Scout Alden Davidson and Dr. English at Susquehanna Council Office 12/30/2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Klondike Derby/Prep 2015

Here are the list of some of the possible stations for Klondike Derby for 2015:

-First Aid
*Remember what Kathy McKibben said-538 was the best in Orienteering at last year's event!
-Fire Building
*MUST have kindling or you will be disqualified-you may use a hot spark or flint and steel for extra credit-each patrol will get 3 matches (matches will be provided). This is a timed event.*
-Flag Pole Building
-Thin Ice Rescue
-Blind Stretcher Carry
-Obstacle Course
-.22 Rifle Shoot
-Shotgun Shoot
-Tomahawk Throw
-Nature ID
-Hot Isotope
*Mr. Everson is seeing if he can get this equipment so scouts can practice*
-Indoor Archery
-Spider Hole
*Not sure what this is-one site says "The Patrol must enter into a Giant Ice Spider's lair to retrieve their stolen food supplies"*
-Shelter Building
-Snow Snake
*They have not done this event is a long long time.*
-8 Man Ski or Snowshoe race
There are 18 stations listed above...only 14-15 will occur at the event, so we won't know the true list until registration.
Make sure to sign up!
Klondike Derby Prep Sign Up
Klondike Derby 2014 Sign Up

Let the frozen fun begin!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 Pumpkin Pitch

Heard our troop received some praise for their hard work and success at Ard's Pumpkin Pitch this last Saturday! Hearing second place for accuracy out of 10-12 teams (including some BIG boys from Bucknell!) and about fourth for distance! Wow!! Good job, Troop 538!

Check out the pictures here:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trebuchet Pumpkin Chunkin Trials Sunday!!

The Secret Bat Location for Sunday's trebuchet trials will be the field behind Purple Cow..NOT WINFIELD..behind the Purple Cow on Hoffa Mill Road.
Bat Time - 1:00pm
So meet over at Purple Cow at 1:00pm on Sunday November 2nd for practice.
See ya then!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Trebuchet Update

Trebuchet Update

Pumpkins better start running since this trebuchet is ready to start launching them into the air!

Great job by all that helped get this built...pictures to follow

It looks like Sunday Nov 2nd will be field testing day at Faith Lutheran Church

Tonight the troop will work on the rest of woodworking merit badge...

See you at 7:00pm...

Thursday, October 23, 2014



Trebuchet building will be at Mr. Thompson's house on:

Saturday, October 25th from 12:00-3:00 pm AND
Sunday, October 26th from 1:00-3:00 pm

If you can make both days that's great, but not necessary.
The more we work the quicker we can get to practicing!

492 Fox Ridge Lane, Winfield

Turn onto Groover from Rt. 15, right onto Timberwood, left onto Fox
Ridge, follow to top of mountain. House on right.

If you have the following supplies, bring them with you:
work gloves, goggles, ear plugs/muffs, cordless drill with charged
batteries, drill bits, jigsaw, circular saw, power sanders with sandpaper.

We are working on Woodworking Merit Badge as part of this project.

SCOUTS: Please respond by Friday to dfthompson1@ptd.net and sdonahue2@ptd.net what day/time you will be coming to build so Mr. Thompson has a head count.


Bull Run Clean Up

Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation
Announces Bull Run Clean Up
Sunday, October 26, from 2:30 to 4:30pm
Convening at playground in Hufnagle Park
(Rain date:  Nov 2)
Community members of all ages are invited to volunteer their time for the
afternoon and help keep our town, our waterways, and our world clean.
People wishing to participate should report to the Kidsburg playground in
Hufnagle Park between 2 and 2:30pm on Sunday, October 26.  Participants
will be provided with equipment and directions at that point.
Participants should dress for the weather and the activity.  Long pants and
long sleeves will protect from thorns and rough underbrush.  Long hair
should be covered.  Avoid wearing knits which catch burrs and thorns.
Sturdy footwear is recommended.  We will have gloves, bags, and some
grabbers, but participants are also welcome to bring their own.
For more information, visit:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rechartering Time-Dues

On November 8th, Susquehanna Council holds the rechartering for all packs and troops in the Council.

The mission of Boy Scouts of American is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs.  One of the ways Troop 538 works to acheive this mission is to take part in the High Adventure programs offered by Boy Scouts of America.  2013 had Troop 538 go to Philmont Scout Ranch for a 10 day backpacking adventure.  Our next High Adventure is scheduled for 2016 to Sea Base in Key West, Florida. This will be followed with a trip to Northern Tier in Ely, Minnesota in 2017. 

In between these high adventure trips are adventures at summer camp, klondike winter camping, treetop adventures, backpacking trips, whitewater rafting, camporees, and other activities the scouts set during the annual planning session.  These activities help scouts on their way to the rank of Eagle Scout - which only 4% of all the youth that join Scouting earn.

Leadership development occurs at troop meetings, campouts and service projects such as an Eagle Scout Project as scouts learn what it takes led others.  Not an easy task all the time.

Our yearly dues still are only $50.00 and that covers your National Registration Dues ($24.00), Insurance($2.00), and Boys Life Subscription ( $12.00) - less than a $1.00 week for all of this fun.

Bring your check made out to Troop 538 for $50.00 to either the October 27th or November 3rd meeting to re-registrer with the Troop for Year 2015.

Lots of great adventures and development await us in 2015 and beyond!

Congrats to Carter Kerstetter!

Congratulations to Carter Kerstetter on getting his Eagle Scout Project approved last night!

Lewisburg will soon have better access to the Susquehanna River at Soldier's Park with Carter leading the project to clean a pathway.

Be on the lookout for annoucements on when he will be needing help with this project.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Super day for selling hot dogs at the Sunbury Animal Hospital

It was a super day for selling hot dogs at the Sunbury Animal Hospital. Thank you to the staff for letting us be part of the event!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Chunkin Trebuchet Build Saturday!

THIS SATURDAY AT 1:00PM at Faith Lutheran Church!

Come out for the building of the Troop Trebuchet! Construction will begin with the materials we have gathered. First order of business will be safety - nothing is worth getting hurt over - We will be cutting and drilling to get the trebuchet build so dress for the occasion.

And in case you want to build one at home out of Legos - here is a video with a link showing you how -


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunbury Animal Hospital Festival Hot Dog Stand

You all should have received a Sign-Up Genius email for the Sunbury Animal Hospital Festival Hot Dog Stand opportunity. The information follows.
We have the opportunity to help the Sunbury Animal Hospital with their fall festival.
Troop 538 will operate a hot dog and chip stand at the festival.  All we will sell is hot dogs and chips. The other food being sold at the festival is Chicken BBQ with side dishes and bake sale with cold drinks.
Sign up for what you can donate for food and work the stand.
Date: October 19th Sunday
Times - See sign up listing 2 hour increments Sun 9:30AM - 3:30PM
Benefits - Scouts individual accounts (which can be used for camps and high adventure trips, etc) and Animal Hospital
Any questions, email scouts@troop538.org

Popcorn Sales Info

Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 Fall Camporee Movie

Here is a short movie from the 2014 Fall Camporee - Thanks to Josh Trewitz from 509 for sharing his Geology profession with the scouts. and to TRC Drilling for bring their drilling rig.  Also, thank you to Asst Scoutmaster Mary Beth Gray for coming out and helping with the camporee and Scott Williams for camping out with the troop.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scout Meeting 10/6/14

At the 10/6/14 Scout Meeting, the Lortap Patrol will be doing the Setup/Opening Ceremony. The rules for catapult/ mini-catapult making will be explained and the troop will be together to build and test mini-catapults. And then afterward we will play some British Bulldog. And the Lortap Patrol (again) will do the closure/breakdown. Thanks to everyone on coming to the Fall Camporee, it was wet, cold, but fun though.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Scout Meeting 9/29/14

This weeks scout meeting will run like this:

Set-up: I-Patrol
Opening Ceremony: I-Patrol
Skill Instruction: Discuss rules and regulations for catapult. (See below)
Patrol Meetings: Discuss catapult ideas/designs.
Interpatrol Activity: Trash Can game led by Zane Yoder.
Scoutmaster Minute/Closing Ceremony: Mr. Everson/I-Patrol
After meeting: PLC reviews next meeting.

The troop is looking at taking the challenge of building a catapult for the Pumpkin Chunkin contest at Ard's Farm Market on November 1st.  It will be great to see how far Troop 538 can catapult a pumpkin at the event.

Fall Camporee is still Oct 3,4,5 at Camp K. 

See you tonight!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Camporee Invitation

Don't forget to sign up for "Fall Camporee 2014." Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet. We need one more adult to sign up. Plus, bring your $9.00 to the troop meeting on Monday 9/15.

To sign up, go to:

Update: 9/15/14 Scout Meeting

Jane Goodall, who most of us parents may remember growing up, is speaking at the Weis Center at 7:30pm.

Here is a link to the information about the talk


A nice intro video to her work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4SpRnujdjg.

So continuing on the Nature theme for this month's, your SPL and ASPL invite you to join them in attending tonight's
visitation of Jane Goodall to Bucknell. 

Meet where we did the Ice Bucket Challenge - (Parking lot by football field) at 7:00pm.  If the Weis Center is filled to
capacity, Bucknell is providing overflow seating in the Langone Center (Forum Room).

How many times in your life will you meet an individual that spent many years in the wild, living with chimps and even becoming accepted by the tribe?

Wear your Class B uniform.

No troop meeting on 9/22 as this will be the meeting for the Patrol Leaders Council to plan the next set of meetings.
Next regular schedule troop meeting is on 9/29. 

Mr Everson will be at the parking lot to collect the $9.00 for the Fall Camporee - Registration of the camporee is due in
Williamsport on 9/18 - so if you have not signed up for working on Geology Merit Badge with the Scoutmaster from troop
509, there is still time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Troop 538 Ice Bucket Challange honors Amy Truman

Troop 538 Ice Bucket Challange honors Amy Truman

Troop 538 performed an ice bucket challenge in honor of Amy Truman, Gabe Stumbris's Aunt and Steven Stumbris's sister at Bucknell University.  A total of $156 was raised in her honor.

The video of the challange is located here:
The following was received from TeamTrumanBeatALS:

Hi Troop 538!

Thank you so much for taking the #ALSicebucketchallenge and for your generous donations to help Gabe's aunt Amy in her fight with ALS!
Your thoughtfulness is appreciated by our entire family, and its been a source of strength for her to know of good wishes from so many people, both near and far. We’ve been amazed by all the supporters who have taken the challenge.
While we've all seen a lot of splashes and shrieks and fun; this challenge is a truly important undertaking: it has raised awareness AND funds... funds that are critical for driving research forward; and critical to helping people like Amy is their daily fight with ALS.

You may already have seen or "liked" it, but for the latest news, check out: www.facebook.com/TeamTrumanBeatALS

Thanks again,
Steve & "Team Truman"

Sunday, September 7, 2014

UPDATE: 9/8/14 Scout Meeting at Bucknell

9/8/14 Troop meeting is NOT at Faith Lutheran Church - It is being held at Bucknell University.  Still meet at 7:00pm. 

Meeting location is the parking lot right by the stadium.  The troop will take the nature walk that Bucknell has setup on campus.  The leaders for this part of the meeting will be our Troop Guide and Instructors - Bring your camera as you will be doing #selfieswithnature along the hike. Send your photos to either the troop facebook page or to scouts@troop538.org so we can post them.

After the hike, the patrols will compete against each other in a game of Ultimate Frisbee on the big field by the stadium.

Following the game, the troop will honor and support Amy Truman, Gabe Stumbris's Aunt and sister of Steven Stumbris in her fight against ALS.  An Ice Bucket challenge will be issued to all that view the video of the troop.  So remember to wear your Class B troop shirt and bring towels since you will get wet. We will take up a collection for Amy Truman at the challenge.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 25, 2014

2015 Klondike Derby

There is a sign up that was sent out for the 2015 Klondike Derby.
The scouts are invited to attend this freezing cold event!
Note the change in date - it is happening at the end of January - NOT in February which is when it is normally held.
We will need to decide where we want to hold the Klondike Prep event - which will be the weekend of Janury 9-10 - we could head out to camp K instead of going to the church to camp out and rent a cabin.

2015 Klondike Derby

Date: January 30th at 4:00pm to January 31st 5:00pm

January 30th-Meet at Faith Lutheran Church, travel to Buffalo Valley Sportsman Club in Mifflinburg, PA - Setup Camp/Dinner/Snack
January 31st-Breakfast - Provided by the Troop -
Begin Klondike Derby - Lunch provided by Buffalo Sportman's Club - $5.50/person - Finish Klondike Derby - Tear Down Camp - Head back to Faith Lutheran Church

Cost - $20.00 which includes the fee for Klondike ($9.00), Lunch ($5.50), and the rest for dinner/snack/breakfast.
This is the annual Klondike Derby event by Seven Bridges Council.

More information to be handed out at troop meetings.  All money must be paid by January 5th Troop meeting to attend the event. Registration is due in Williamsport on January 9th.
Any questions, See Mr. Everson!

Winter Joke:
Q:How do Snowmen get to work?

Sign-Up Now!

Fall Camporee 2014

A sign-up was sent out for the 2014 Fall Camporee, Make sure to check your e-mail!

Geology and Mining in Society Merit Badge Fall Camporee

Join Josh Trewitz, Professional Geologist and Scoutmaster of Troop 509 to learn about Geology and Mining.  Mr. Trewitz has been part of the new Susquehanna Thruway project and was involved in the reconstructions of the World Trade Center buildings.

You will learn how to identify rocks and minerals, fossil collecting, virtual coal mining and how geologist helped with trying to locate Osama Bin Laden.  There is more to geology than just looking at rocks.

One of the goals of the camporee is for the scouts to earn Geology Merit Badge.  Mining in Society Merit Badge will be offered too, but they can not guarantee it will be completed by the end of the camporee.

All of this fun happens October 3rd through the 5th at Camp K.  Registration for the event is $9.00 per person.  Food and snacks are the responsibility of the troops attending.  There will be a Dutch Oven Cooking contest on Saturday night.  Cooking contest entries should be on the theme for the weekend - for example - Molten Lava Chili

We'll leave the church around 6:00pm Friday night to head out to Camp K. Estimated arrival time back to church on Sunday is Noon - subject to change as they release additional information about the planned activities.

Money has to be in Williamsport  on September 18th so this sign up will close on September 15th. -Bring your money to the Troop meeting on September 15th.

Since the troop attending the events are responsible for providing their own food, this is a great opportunity for a scout(s) to complete the requirements for Second or First Class.

Two-deep leadership is required for all Scout activities.

So, make sure to check your e-mail, and sign-up, genius!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Upcoming Scout Meeting Plans

Program Theme Nature-Faith Lutheran Church-Class B's
First we'll work on:
  • Identification of poisonous plants and treatment
  • Identification of native plants
  • Identification of wild animals – how to spot animals in the wild
Then, we'll finish:
  • Patrol Names
  • Patrol Cheer
  • Patrol Flag Designs
Lastly, we'll have a Nature Memory Hunt.
Program Theme Nature-Bucknell University parking lot by football stadium-Class B's
First, we'll:
  • Nature Hike on Bucknell Campus identifying trees/plants/animals
  • Scouts should bring camera to take photos #SelfieswithNature
  • Invite someone eligible to join scouts to join the troop in tonight’s event
Then, we'll catch our breath...and Play Some ULTIMATE FRISBEE!!!

Program Theme Nature-Faith Lutheran Church-Class B's

First, we will be:
  • Using the area out by the pavilion, study the nature objects within the area and identify as many as they can
And then we will work on:
  • Patrol Flag Designs – bring materials if needed
And lastly we will have a Nature Scavenger Hunt – from Program Help Book

Have A Nice Weekend, Everybody!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Next Meeting PLC and other info

Next Monday is Patrol Leaders Council's Meeting to plan the next month;s activities - Senior Patrol Leader, ASPL, Patrol Leaders, Troop Guide, and Webmasters need to attend the meeting.  All other scouts get the night off.

August 19th, Tuesday is the event to help out our First Responders with their training exercise.  If you can help our First Responders, please sign up.

Next full troop meeting is August 25th, planned by the PLC. 

If you have book, merit badge books, troop gear - bring it to the meeting so we can get it back in its home.

Congratulations to Andy Challman - Newest Eagle Scout of Troop 538

If you see Andy Challman, congratulate him on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  A well deserved and earned award!  Way to go Andy!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Super Job selling peanuts

Super Job at West End Fair - We sold over 15 bags of peanuts this year! Thursday night was the best ever attendance for the fair with the Christian concert. Great job by all that went out to sell peanuts and raise funds for your future camping trips.

Help our First Responders Sign up today

Our Troop can help our First Responders with training for disasters - They need "victims" for August 19th at Evan Hospital. Gathering time is 7:30-8:00am. Wear old clothes and your bathing suit underneath. Lunch will be provided and will end shortly after lunch. A sign up genius has been sent out for this. Check your email. Would like to give the First Responder trainers an idea on how many of our scouts can help with this on Tuesday 8/12.

This is a great way to help our First Responders be ready for disasters. You can only learn so much in the classroom. Conducting a drill is the best way to put into practice what you learn in the classroom.

This help fulfills Emergency Preparedness merit badge requirement #7
Take part in an emergency service project, either a real one or a practice drill, with a Scouting unit or a community agency.

Check your email for the sign up.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Troop Merit Badge Books and Gear

If you have any merit badge books from summer camp or any other troop gear, make sure to bring them to the meeting on Monday. Our troop librarian can restock the library and our quartermaster can get the gear secured.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thank you for the birthday wishes

Also, THANK YOU for the birthday ballon, cupcake and helping Mr. Everson celebrate his birthday. Mr Everson did not expect the hear the birthday song at National Night Out.  It is greatly appreciated.  Mr. Everson now starts the journey around the sun all over again. 
Best troop and pack ever!

National Night Out - what a wind gust

National Night Out - Wow --what a wind gust that came through the park - closed down the event - everyone scrambling to take down their displays. A big THANK YOU to everyone that came out to help with the display - Special THANKS to Steven Stumbris and his crew for running the pinewood derby track for the youth of Lewisburg. Lots of kids racin' cars down the track. Here is picture of the setup. Council supplied their tent with the backdrop. The tagline on the backdrop was "This is my social media badge". Too bad for people that came out for the skydivers and fireworks. We'll be back next year

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Peanut Sale - training and location of booth

In case you are working the peanut sale and need training on how to use the roaster,

watch the following videos


A big THANK YOU to Megan for putting these videos together in 2012.

No one came out today for on hands training at 3:00pm, so hopefully the videos are enough for you to know how to use the roaster.

Thanks for Gregory, Colleen, Megan and Kevin for helping setup. Sorry about any confusion to Michael for the time to be there for setup. Booth looks great again!

2 bags of peanuts are already at the booth for tomorrow.

Any questions just ask .

May it be a dry week at the fair...

Attached are pictures of the booth - it is in a different location than last year - we will see how this location goes.

Thanks for Gregory, Colleen, Megan and Kevin for helping setup. Sorry about any confusion to Michael for the time to be there for setup. Booth looks great again!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Peanut Sale - Setup and training

 Starting next week is our fundraiser for the scouts to earn money for camping/etc.  It is our roasted peanut sale at the West End Fair from August 4th until August 9th.

Hopefully, you signed up to work a shift at this event.  We work this fundraiser with troop 525 of Mifflinburg.

If you would like some hands on training on how to use the roaster versus watching the youtube videos Megan put together, then come on out to the West End Fair ground on Sunday August 3rd at 3:00pm.  We will be completing the setup of the booth and fire up the roaster so individuals can learn how to use the roaster.

Again, Sunday August 3rd at 3:00pm at the West End Fairgounds.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Camp Movie 2014

Mr Everson sent out an email with a link to the summer camp movie.  Let him know if you did not receive the email.  Might be the wrong email address for you in the database.  Enjoy the movie.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Camp - Final day

Summer Camp - Final day

Well....what would be summer camp without rain..

Around 5:00am, it started to rain here at Camp K. Mr. Everson woke the scouts up and had them get back in to the tents.

The troop did very well with their skit last night. It will take a while to upload videos to facebook, so that will come later in the day.

Awards were handed out and the troop was recognized for winn...ing the compass competition and Magic tourney.

Games were played in the Sportsfield after the campfire until 10:00pm when the scouts decided to head back to camp and get their cots out of their tents for sleeping around the campfire.

Candidates for Order of the Arrow slept outside last night as well. Hope they stayed dry.

Opening ceremony is at 0800 followed with breakfast and then return to the parade field for closing. Then back to the campsite to pack up and get everything into the trailer for the drive home.

If we are going to be much earlier than noon for a pickup, we'll start calling as we are leaving the campsite.

Overall, a good week at summer camp.

Don't forget Court of Honor on Monday at 7:00pm to recognized all the efforts the scouts put into earning their badges at camp. If you can bring a snack for refreshments after the ceremony, that would be terrific.

See you back at the church around noon.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Camp - Scuba is AWESOME!

 Once again - Troop 538 had the most participation at this event. And a good time was had by all.

The company that provided the service can work with the troop to do individual programs. Something to consided since everyone had a great time.

Summer Camp - Fourth Day Activities

Summer Camp - Fourth Day Activities

Another night of sleeping under the stars after everyone had left from Family night.

Breakfast of eggs and hash browns were awaiting the troop in the Dining Hall.
Climbing merit badge wrapped up with repelling off the 40 foot tower.

Meanwhile, at Shotgun, our scouts were shooting clay discs out of the sky.

Swimming practiced wearing PFD in the pool.

Lunch was meatball hoagies and fries with pudding. And as always, peanut butter and jelly

Scouts spent time working on finishing up their merit badges during the tutorial time.

Dinner was in our campsite with foil packet meals. Sounds like an easy meal, but always difficult since you have to get a really tight seal on the foil. The meal essentially steams itself for cooking.

Most of the troop headed to Scuba for the evening activity. See other posting for scuba photos. The rest of the troop cleaned up camp, set out some tiki torches and got a really nice fire going.

After the scuba session, Wilderness Survival and Trail to Eagle folks headed out to the woods for their overnight.

Once again, the troop decided to sleep out by the campfire. It was a chilly night.
Repelling off the tower

Another night umder the starts

The tower awaits the climbing crew

Shotgun shooting

Swimming Merit Badge

Getting our evening campfire going

Tiki torches lighting up our campsite

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Camp - Third day of Activities

Summer Camp - Third Day Activities

They survived sleeping outside Tuesday night - kinda of hard to get to the campfire with all the cots around it.

Always a sharp looking bunch of Scouts at opening ceremony.

Breakfast was french toast and bacon - along with danish pastries, oatmeal, etc.

Then it was time to begin classes - more trail to Eagle, rifle shoting, finally getting to climb the 40 tower in the COPE area, learning how to recover when your kayak tips over.

Lunch was hoagie sandwiches and chicken noodle soup - really was too hot for soup on Wednedsay.

Around 3:30pm, a very, very quick downpour hit camp. Instead of cooling things down, it turned Camp K into a walking steam room or sauna.

Wednesday night is Family Night at Camp K. It was great for all the parents that were able to attend to come out and spend time visiting with their sons - Thanks to Megan Leavy for bringing out all the pizzas for dinner - and everyone for bringing lots of food and goodies for dinner. The scouts enjoyed the leftovers in the evening.

Wednesday night is also the OA ceremony - Andy Challman, Elliot Davidson and Alden Davidson took part in the ceremony before a crowd on hundreds. The weather had cooled down so it was not stifing hot has in other years.

And also what was probably the biggest campfire the ceremony had ever seen took place. It was one intense fireball.

James Leavy and Mark Challman were tapped out as ordeal candidates in Woapea Sisilija Lodge -Order of the Arrow. Congrats to both of them for achieving this honor in Boy Scouts.

The troop decided to sleep out again, around the campfire. We'll see how they survive.

Thursday's activities include the SCUBA event at 7:00pm as well as a greased watermelon competition in the pool at 4:00pm. It should be a another good day at camp. All overcast skies this morning.

Looking sharp at Opening Ceremony

What it looks like around the campfire Wednesday morning
Biggest OA Ceremony fire EVER!

Woking on Climbing Merit Badge

Helping to provide support

Coming down after a climbing 40 feet

Shooting at the rifle range

From the shooters perspective

Made it to the top

Troop 538 lined up for th OA Ceremony

Watching the opening ceremony

OA Field ready for the ceremony to begin

Troop 538 helping out in the OA ceremony

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A night under the stars

The troop decided it was great night to sleep under the stars - and it was...

Troop at the campfire ring to sleep under the stars
Troop at the campfire ring to sleep under the stars



Troop 538 took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Magic Tourney at Camp K last night out of 16 contestants.
Gabe Stumbris won First Place with Jacob Humphrey Second Place and Bryce Jones Third Place!

The tourney finally came to an end around 10:00pm

First and Second Place Finishers

Second Day of Activities

Lifesaving Merit Badge



Trail to Eagle


Climbing instructions

Hamming it up at Archery

A sharp looking bunch of Scouts

Small Boat Sailing


The Skipper and Gilligan

Free Swim Time

Tuesday night activities participants giving their best pose

Compass Competition

Sleeping out under the stars

Sleeping out under the stars
Summer Camp - Second Day of Activities

No getting up early today - so they slept in.

Breakfast was pancakes and sausage, cherry coffee cake...they have oatmeal available at every breakfast, as well as chip beef on toast- haven't seen any of our guys go for that.

Most of the merit badges have been going through requirements, explanations, etc. Tomorrow is when they should get involved in the ...badge - climbing, shooting, etc -Photos from lifesaving, canoeing, trail to eagle, rifle, archery, small boat sailing, kayaking ( Look to see who is the Skipper and Giligian)

Lunch was sausage/onions/peppers/ with mac and cheese available, cole slaw, fruit cocktail. Weather was getting warm at lunchtime with the sun shining down on us at the parade field.

Almost the entire troop went swimming this afternoon - as did most of camp - what better place to hang out on a hot day but at the pool.

Dinner was baked ziti, garlic toast, salad bar, frosted cake for dessert - and as always - peanut butter and jelly

Tonight was chaple service with all the scouts in the camp attending.

And then the competition began - the MAGIC TOURNEY

Also two scouts decide to take on the Compass Challenge - and they only missed one out of seven -