Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scout Updates from Meeting 4/28/14

Andrew's Eagle Scout Concert was Awesome
So many good, talented musicians.  Very nicely done, Andy!

Committee Meeting
This is on the schedule for this Thursday, May 1st, at 7 PM at Faith Lutheran Church.  We always welcome help from any and every Troop 538 participant.  Can we meet this Thursday??

Saturday -- Alden's Eagle Scout Project  
Alden's Eagle Project is on May 3, from 1-4pm. It is a computer drive to collect unused computers to be donated to the MeGive Project, which is facilitated by MePush, Inc. There will also be a presentation on Linux - "Intro to Linux" sort of thing - at 2 for all interested; you don't need a computer, you can simply come and watch.
Alden will be handing out DVDs loaded with Lubuntu, a derivative of Ubuntu, which is a free, very low-power operating system that people can use to replace Windows XP - since it is now unsupported by Microsoft - without having to purchase Windows Vista/7/8 or a new computer that can handle those operating systems.

If anyone is wondering, MeGive is a 501(c) whatever group, so donations are tax-deductible. Peripherals (i.e. keyboards, mice, monitors, etc.) will also accepted.

May 3 / 4 Weekend Campout
Please NOTE -- There will NOT be Rock Climbing OR Knoebels as a Scout Activiity on Saturday.  We did not have enough sign ups to do either as a Scout Outing -- So, feel free to go to Knoebels on Saturday on your own -- but it is NOT a Scout Trip this weekend!!
Plans for this weekend's campout.  First and Foremost -- You will need clean Class A's for the Service Project (waiting tables at the banquet) on Sunday 2 - 5.  Please do not forget to bring clean, complete Class A's.

We can start arriving at Camp K Edna Sheary's Cabin around 6 PM on Saturday.  UPDATE -- Mr. Everson is planning on going out about 3 pm if anyone is available then, you can go with Mr. Everson!!!   IF this time frame changes, there will be a NEW blog post so check the blog before you go.  Or you can text Steve Everson at 570-768-8289 or 570-768-7616 to see when he is getting there.
We would like to carpool... if you need a ride, text Barb Challman at 570-898-4788 before 5 PM.  She has a minivan and can drive some kids out.
If you are an adult volunteering your time that weekend -- please sign up on the Sign Up Genius.  
Send snacks!!  Dinner will be lasagna, but bring snacks for during chess time!!  Of course, bring your camping gear -- sleeping bags, pillows, mess kit, etc!!!  It's fancy camping, but it's still camping!!!

Plans -- Saturday - Go out to and set up an Orienteering Course for Sunday morning, eat dinner, play Chess (the younger scouts will teach the older boys!) so bring your Chess sets.
Sunday -- Eat Breakfast, work on Orienteering and Physical Fitness (as needed), clean up and get cleaned up, and go work the Service Project at the Dining Hall from 1:30ish to 5.  We will be done at 5 pm, make sure you arrange a ride home!!!

Court of Honor
Has been moved to May 12th -- May 5th will be a regular Troop Meeting.
We are NOT attending the Camporee on May 10th this year. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Scouts Are Needed to Sell / Promote this Fundraiser!

Scouts -- we will need to make / sell / promote this Fundraiser.  It really is great, I just think not enough people know about it.  Looking for a few Scouts with time after school to make a few derby cars - go to local businesses to see if anyone would be interested -- THIS WEEK!!!

Flyers and lists of local businesses will be handed out at the 4/21/14 Meeting.

Meeting on 4/21/14

 Seriously, if you are going to Track Practice today at 1… and can go with James over to the Church after that to set up the fire site – let James know… at Track maybe??  Thanks!!! 

 Other than that – Uniforms aren’t necessary tonight if you have  CLASS B shirt, that would work great, as there may be some sanding / painting going on for these cars… We have TEN cut, and begun, but sanding and painting is next, right, Scouts??  :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The normally scheduled monthly Roundtable meeting has been postponed in honor of Maundy Thursday services across the District.   The correct date for the April Roundtable is: April 24th, 2014, at 7:00pm.


Chris Berleth | Seven Bridges District Executive

Susquehanna Council

815 Northway Rd.
Williamsport, PA  17701
O (570) 326-5121 ext. 100

C (570) 560-0634

F (570) 326-7339


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rock Climbing Update!!

Course description: The day starts on the ground discussing basic climbing gear, movement on the rock/climbing techniques, balance and body positioning. The 2nd part of the day you'll be climbing on cliffs of various heights and rock types putting together what you learned. Then we move on to belaying, gear overview, safety, climbing knots and much more!

They closed Mt Minisi due to falcons nesting....  so the next nearest location is Allamucy State Park in NJ.. We went there for Watchu Mountain weekend.. it is a straight 2 hour ride from Lewisburg...so it is a do-able trip in one day -- May 3rd.

Even kids as young as 8 years old can attend...

 Questions:  Contct Mr. Everson!
Sign Up SUPER Soon so we know if we have enough interest and availability to go on this outing.  Thanks! 



Monday, April 7, 2014

Order of the Arrow Voting Tonight

Tonight's meeting will be taken up mostly by Order of the Arrow voting. Please attend this meeting if possible so you can vote.  Please be mindful and respectful of the yard sale items that are out in the gymnasium.

EAGLES 1961 -- 2014

Recently, the first of three Eagle Scouts from Troop 538 Lewisburg  David  McCoy came back to visit and discuss the early days of the troop. David  earned his Eagle Scout award in 1961.  He is pictured here on the right  with Troop 538’s newest Eagle Scout Nick Chamberlin, who earned his Eagle  Scout award in 2013.