Friday, July 31, 2015

Donations for the yard sale

Troop 538 is having a yard sale on Sept 16 and Sept 19th - Donations are greatly appreciated for the sale - If you want to donate items before the sale - bring them when we hold our troop meetings on Monday night and we can store them. Do not bring your items during the rest of the week. Thank you for your support of scouting in Lewisburg!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 - Day 5 Photos

Here are photos from this morning

Summer Camp 2015 - Day 4

Day 4

Summer camp is coming to a close. It will not be long before we say goodbye to Camp K and head back to Lewisburg.

It was a chilly morning for the scouts sleeping under the stars. A quick flag raising ceremony at the campsite and down to breakfast at the dining hall.

Breakfast was ham, egg and cheese sandwiches with hash browns.

Environmental Science scouts learned what happens when oil gets into the water system and experimented with different materials to “clean up the spill”.

Trail to Eagle scouts practiced their fire building skills to earn their Fire’em chip award.

Lunch was potato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. And the ever popular peanut butter and jelly.

At the archery range, scouts were trying to complete their merit badge by getting enough points on their target

Mr. Everson completed the mile swim and was informed by the staff at the pool that he set the camp pool record at 33:20.

Dinner was cooked at the campsite. The scouts chose breakfast for dinner. This consistent of eggs, hash browns, sausage links all cooked in a foil packet. The troop prepared a big fire to burn down into coals for the cooking of the packets. Some packets came out OK..while others were on the coals for just a tad too long. Mr. Everson prepared a dutch oven dessert for the scouts to the enjoy- this year’s dessert was a caramel apple cobbler.

The evening activities were scuba, IRONSCOUT, and chess tournament.

Scuba was a fun adventure again this year at the swimming pool. 16 scouts from camp participated in the event with 8 of those scouts from Troop 538.

The IRONSCOUT competition consisted of; a Run to the archery range and shoot, a run to a knot tying contest, paddle a canoe to one side of the lake, paddle the canoe back to the starting position, and the final sprint to the finish line. There were 8 teams competing in the event with Troop 538 WINNING the IRONSCOUT. Photos of the event, taken by Mr. Hower will be posted later today. The IRONSCOUT competition was a main event here at camp for many years, only recently was the competition not held at camp. In the troop room, you can see the many times Troop 538 placed in the event. This year’s crew brings the WIN back to Lewisburg.

Troop 538 participated in the chess tournament but did not place in the finals. We’ll be back next year to claim the title.

Scouts in Wilderness Survival spent the night in the shelters they built, while the scouts in the Trail to Eagle spent the night at their Outpost, sleeping in the tents they pitched out by the COPE course.

To help ward off the night chill, the scouts who remained in the campsite for the night built a very large fire. Emphasis on VERY LARGE. Most likely, the troop will need to get more firewood for tonight’s campfire.

And Day 4 came to an end.

Day 5 awaits.