Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Camp Movie 2014

Mr Everson sent out an email with a link to the summer camp movie.  Let him know if you did not receive the email.  Might be the wrong email address for you in the database.  Enjoy the movie.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Camp - Final day

Summer Camp - Final day

Well....what would be summer camp without rain..

Around 5:00am, it started to rain here at Camp K. Mr. Everson woke the scouts up and had them get back in to the tents.

The troop did very well with their skit last night. It will take a while to upload videos to facebook, so that will come later in the day.

Awards were handed out and the troop was recognized for the compass competition and Magic tourney.

Games were played in the Sportsfield after the campfire until 10:00pm when the scouts decided to head back to camp and get their cots out of their tents for sleeping around the campfire.

Candidates for Order of the Arrow slept outside last night as well. Hope they stayed dry.

Opening ceremony is at 0800 followed with breakfast and then return to the parade field for closing. Then back to the campsite to pack up and get everything into the trailer for the drive home.

If we are going to be much earlier than noon for a pickup, we'll start calling as we are leaving the campsite.

Overall, a good week at summer camp.

Don't forget Court of Honor on Monday at 7:00pm to recognized all the efforts the scouts put into earning their badges at camp. If you can bring a snack for refreshments after the ceremony, that would be terrific.

See you back at the church around noon.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Camp - Scuba is AWESOME!

 Once again - Troop 538 had the most participation at this event. And a good time was had by all.

The company that provided the service can work with the troop to do individual programs. Something to consided since everyone had a great time.

Summer Camp - Fourth Day Activities

Summer Camp - Fourth Day Activities

Another night of sleeping under the stars after everyone had left from Family night.

Breakfast of eggs and hash browns were awaiting the troop in the Dining Hall.
Climbing merit badge wrapped up with repelling off the 40 foot tower.

Meanwhile, at Shotgun, our scouts were shooting clay discs out of the sky.

Swimming practiced wearing PFD in the pool.

Lunch was meatball hoagies and fries with pudding. And as always, peanut butter and jelly

Scouts spent time working on finishing up their merit badges during the tutorial time.

Dinner was in our campsite with foil packet meals. Sounds like an easy meal, but always difficult since you have to get a really tight seal on the foil. The meal essentially steams itself for cooking.

Most of the troop headed to Scuba for the evening activity. See other posting for scuba photos. The rest of the troop cleaned up camp, set out some tiki torches and got a really nice fire going.

After the scuba session, Wilderness Survival and Trail to Eagle folks headed out to the woods for their overnight.

Once again, the troop decided to sleep out by the campfire. It was a chilly night.
Repelling off the tower

Another night umder the starts

The tower awaits the climbing crew

Shotgun shooting

Swimming Merit Badge

Getting our evening campfire going

Tiki torches lighting up our campsite

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Camp - Third day of Activities

Summer Camp - Third Day Activities

They survived sleeping outside Tuesday night - kinda of hard to get to the campfire with all the cots around it.

Always a sharp looking bunch of Scouts at opening ceremony.

Breakfast was french toast and bacon - along with danish pastries, oatmeal, etc.

Then it was time to begin classes - more trail to Eagle, rifle shoting, finally getting to climb the 40 tower in the COPE area, learning how to recover when your kayak tips over.

Lunch was hoagie sandwiches and chicken noodle soup - really was too hot for soup on Wednedsay.

Around 3:30pm, a very, very quick downpour hit camp. Instead of cooling things down, it turned Camp K into a walking steam room or sauna.

Wednesday night is Family Night at Camp K. It was great for all the parents that were able to attend to come out and spend time visiting with their sons - Thanks to Megan Leavy for bringing out all the pizzas for dinner - and everyone for bringing lots of food and goodies for dinner. The scouts enjoyed the leftovers in the evening.

Wednesday night is also the OA ceremony - Andy Challman, Elliot Davidson and Alden Davidson took part in the ceremony before a crowd on hundreds. The weather had cooled down so it was not stifing hot has in other years.

And also what was probably the biggest campfire the ceremony had ever seen took place. It was one intense fireball.

James Leavy and Mark Challman were tapped out as ordeal candidates in Woapea Sisilija Lodge -Order of the Arrow. Congrats to both of them for achieving this honor in Boy Scouts.

The troop decided to sleep out again, around the campfire. We'll see how they survive.

Thursday's activities include the SCUBA event at 7:00pm as well as a greased watermelon competition in the pool at 4:00pm. It should be a another good day at camp. All overcast skies this morning.

Looking sharp at Opening Ceremony

What it looks like around the campfire Wednesday morning
Biggest OA Ceremony fire EVER!

Woking on Climbing Merit Badge

Helping to provide support

Coming down after a climbing 40 feet

Shooting at the rifle range

From the shooters perspective

Made it to the top

Troop 538 lined up for th OA Ceremony

Watching the opening ceremony

OA Field ready for the ceremony to begin

Troop 538 helping out in the OA ceremony

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A night under the stars

The troop decided it was great night to sleep under the stars - and it was...

Troop at the campfire ring to sleep under the stars
Troop at the campfire ring to sleep under the stars



Troop 538 took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Magic Tourney at Camp K last night out of 16 contestants.
Gabe Stumbris won First Place with Jacob Humphrey Second Place and Bryce Jones Third Place!

The tourney finally came to an end around 10:00pm

First and Second Place Finishers

Second Day of Activities

Lifesaving Merit Badge



Trail to Eagle


Climbing instructions

Hamming it up at Archery

A sharp looking bunch of Scouts

Small Boat Sailing


The Skipper and Gilligan

Free Swim Time

Tuesday night activities participants giving their best pose

Compass Competition

Sleeping out under the stars

Sleeping out under the stars
Summer Camp - Second Day of Activities

No getting up early today - so they slept in.

Breakfast was pancakes and sausage, cherry coffee cake...they have oatmeal available at every breakfast, as well as chip beef on toast- haven't seen any of our guys go for that.

Most of the merit badges have been going through requirements, explanations, etc. Tomorrow is when they should get involved in the ...badge - climbing, shooting, etc -Photos from lifesaving, canoeing, trail to eagle, rifle, archery, small boat sailing, kayaking ( Look to see who is the Skipper and Giligian)

Lunch was sausage/onions/peppers/ with mac and cheese available, cole slaw, fruit cocktail. Weather was getting warm at lunchtime with the sun shining down on us at the parade field.

Almost the entire troop went swimming this afternoon - as did most of camp - what better place to hang out on a hot day but at the pool.

Dinner was baked ziti, garlic toast, salad bar, frosted cake for dessert - and as always - peanut butter and jelly

Tonight was chaple service with all the scouts in the camp attending.

And then the competition began - the MAGIC TOURNEY

Also two scouts decide to take on the Compass Challenge - and they only missed one out of seven -

Monday, July 21, 2014

First Day at Camp

Summer Camp -First Day of Activities

An early morning for some of the brave scouts - A polar bear swim at 6:30am.

Morning Flag raising ceremony followed with a breakfast of scambled eggs/hash browns with cereal, yogurt, apple danish, cherry coffee cake, etc. available - there is always peanut butter and jelly available - Then there is ALWAYS SONG TIME! Andy did a great job leading everyone
Interesting fact - there is a scout in the campsite that we are sharing with Troop 54 who is highly allergic to peanuts - so he has to eat outside and not come in to the dining hall.

Merit badge classes began - Lifesaving, Rifle, Communications ( such a group of hams in that class) etc. So did Trail to Eagle with a good class - much better than previous years -

Lunchtime had the Camp Mobilization Drill with everyone gathering at the Parade Field before lunch - chicken patties, cole slaw, chili, salad is always available too -

Afternoon classes began at 2:00pm.

Josh, Scoutmaster from 509, offered to teach the boys Geology merit badge to any boy that wanted to go to 509's campsite at 3:00pm each day - Josh is a geologist by trade - offered to the scouts this opportunity to earn another badge at camp - we'll see if any of them take him up on the offer.

Mainly cloudy skies here at camp - looks like it could rain, but it has not

Ready - JUMP

Song time!

Lifesaving Merit Badge

Trail to Eagle

Communications Class

Arrival at summer camp

Summer Camp - Camp Arrival 7/20/2014
Good arrival to camp. The scouts did a great job at putting up the dining fly tent BY THEMSELVES as a troop! Mr. Everson provided them the instructions/diagram on how to put the fly and they did the work. EXCELLENT!
They looked sharp at flag lowering ceremony before Sunday Dinner.
We survived Opening Campfire. Lots of corny jokes and skits - but that is the fun of summer camp. The car skit was funny. Afterwards, it was back to camp and playing of Magic.

Setting up the dining fly

Looking sharp for closing ceremony Sunday night