Saturday, April 23, 2016

Unbagging of the parking meters

Thanks to these scouts for unbagging the parking meters for the Lewisburg Arts Festival - A day of service for Troop 538 in the Lewisburg community.

Future Eagle Scout

Here is a photo of Ryan - Future Eagle Scout from Troop 538 enjoying the Lewisburg Arts Festival

Hobie's Eagle Scout Project at the Lewisburg Arts Festival

Hobie invited the public to help with his Eagle Scout project - building bird houses for the Rail to Trail in Lewisburg.  The public and scouts had a lot of fun building them today.

Troop 538 Flag Raising Ceremony - Lewisburg Arts Festival

Troop 538 Scouts provided the opening to the Lewisburg Arts Festival with the flag raising ceremony at the post office.  It was very windy.  The scouts had to hang on to the flag so it would not be blown away before they would raise it up the flag pole. 

Troop 538 Bagging Meters for the Arts Festival

Troop 538 helped the Lewisburg Arts Festival with bagging the parking meters on Friday night.  Just following the Scout Law - A scout is Helpful. Super job!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

World's End State Park Campout April 2016

Troop 538 takes a camping trip to World's State Park to perform a service project for the park personnel and work on basic scouts skills. Super work by the scouts on cleaning up the campsite for the park personnel.  Great view of the Vista, although they scouts really liked climbing in the Rock Garden.  Great campout by Troop 538.  Next Campout - Aviation Camporee in May.